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After my husband died I tried to clean out our family home on my own. I wanted to donate and recycle as many items as possible, but the task proved to be too overwhelming both physically and emotionally.

I had heard from a friend bout the wonderful job Chuck had done cleaning out her father’s home. I was very impressed with the job he did. Chuck took the time to re purpose many of the items in the house and what couldn’t be donated was sorted to be recycled - very little was set out for the garbage collector. Chuck did what I wanted to but couldn’t. I was very grateful for his help and the excellent job he did. It made me feel good to know that the rest of our belongings were cleaned up in such a green and caring way.
Thank you, Chuck.
Holly Blanchard

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Q: How do you make money if you donate everything to charities?
A: Our business makes money by charging the client a one-time fee for our services. This fee is based on the amount of content that needs to be removed from the home.

Q: How do you know what charities want?
A: From working directly with local charities in the Chicagoland area, we have an intimate knowledge of each one’s specific needs. That’s why we donate different items to different charities, based on their needs.

Q: How will the charity receipt benefit me?
A: The receipt, along with an itemized list of the donations, can be used as a tax deduction.

Q: When you say that you “separate the recyclables,” what do you mean?
A: As we go through the house, we separate the household recyclables from the rest of the contents in the home. The “recyclables” are then taken to a recycling center.

Q: What will you do with my old appliances?
A: Most old appliances are taken to the scrap yard to be melted down. Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and water coolers need to have the refrigerant/Freon removed before they will be accepted at any scrap yard. We work with a recovery company that reclaims the refrigerant from those appliances for us.

Q: Why do you go through all of the extra work of recycling and donating items to charity?
A: We go to the extra trouble because, like most people, we want to do the right thing. Have you ever thrown out an article of clothing or a piece of furniture and thought “too bad someone couldn’t use this”? Well, if there was a charity on your street, you just might drop those items off because it’s convenient. That’s what we do. We make it convenient for you for you to do the right thing—in fact, we do it all for you!


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