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Green Disposal is an effort to do what we can to do the right thing to help the environmet. By recycling, we are putting less into the land fill which has many benefits. Approxamently 60% of the rubish sent to the land fill could be recycled.

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We specialize in green disposal. Don’t throw it away; let us recycle it to “ease” the impact on the environment! recycle-reuse-reduce-junk-removal

What is Green Disposal?

Green disposal is an effort to dispose of things in a way that minimizes any potential damage to the environment. Green disposal procedures also include recycling. By recycling things, we put less garbage into the landfills, which has a variety of environmental benefits.

Why Green Waste Disposal?

Approximately 60% of all trash taken to the landfill, which may be recyclable. If these items were recycled instead of taken to the landfill, we would be conserving energy as well as space. Green waste disposal is more beneficial than you might think.
  • • For every ton of plastic recycled, we are saving almost 2000 lbs. of oil. This is the same oil used to make gasoline.
  • • Paper products make up nearly 40% of all landfill space. Moreover, it is estimated that using recycled material to make paper products saves 40-60% of the energy to create paper products from raw materials.
  • • Glass is one of the few items that can be recycled indefinitely, yet only 22% of the glass produced today is recycled. It takes about 40% more power to produce glass from raw materials than it does from recycled materials.

Ease Services’ Green Waste Disposal Practices

We at Ease Services do what we can to be part of the green movement. Not only do we help our customers with their green disposal, but we practice the same standards in our office as we do on the job. The garbage bags we use are made from 100% recycled plastic, are100% recyclable, and will break down within 2 years—considerably less time than traditional bags. The same applies for the tall kitchen bags used in the office. You can purchase these bags by visiting www.econgreen.com to find a retailer near you.

The office paper we use is also 50% post-consumer recycled paper which can be purchased at any office supply store. Ease Services also takes the office paper, magazines, and newspapers found during home clean outs to a local church or school. That way, the paper products are being recycled, and a local organization benefits as well. It’s a win-win!

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