"Ease" the transition of your home; let us use our network to get the home on the market:

  • Real Estate attorneys
  • Local & national real estate agents.
  • A complete list of contractors: From carpenters to landscaper's and everything in between.

Client Testimonial

"Thanks again to you and Mark for your help and hard work. It feels so good to have the garage cleared out! We didn't know where to start and you made the process so easy. You accomplished in two days what would have taken us months! We would definitely recommend your services to anyone who may be in need of them."
Erin S., Libertyville

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Ease Services Can Help

Green Disposal is an effort to do what we can to do the right thing to help the environmet. By recycling, we are putting less into the land fill which has many benefits. Approxamently 60% of the rubish sent to the land fill could be recycled.

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recycle-reuse-reduce-junk-removalDon't throw it away, donate it today,
with the help of Ease Services.
Let us do the dirty work for you

At Ease Services we do not consider the contents of your home "junk" -
we know that someone can use the items you no longer have a need for.

We specialize in green disposal.

Call today to schedule your free estimate appointment: 
(224) 220-6455.

Pricing is based on volume of contents to be handled.

We know that every job is unique and we are more than happy to come out at your convenience to provide a free written estimate.

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Please view our video to learn a bit more about our services!

Do You Need to Start with an Estate Sale?
If an Estate Sale is what is needed before Ease Services begins clearing the home, Ease Services can help arrange an Estate Sale for your saleable items. Ease Services can put you in contact with one of the Estate Sale companies that we work closely with.  All the items will be displayed and priced by the team and anything that didn't sell will be donated to charity, with your permission.

  •  EBay sales - Let us refer you to company that specializes in EBay Sales . They will use their team to take pictures, list the item, watch for any input, and handle the mailing of the item. No sales are final unless we have your approval.
  • All items that are not sold, will become charitable donations with your permission.






Ease Services - Home Clear Out – Content Removal – Junk Disposal   
"From picking up a few items to cleaning out a whole house- one call can do it all".
Let us put you at ease while we do the dirty work for you!

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