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Green Disposal is an effort to do what we can to do the right thing to help the environmet. By recycling, we are putting less into the land fill which has many benefits. Approxamently 60% of the rubish sent to the land fill could be recycled.

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Junk Removal & Home Clean Out Testimonials

Dear Chuck:

Thanks so much for helping me clear out my garage and basement. The job was so overwhelming that I have been procrastinating for years!

All it took was one afternoon with you and I can walk through my garage and basement once again. Part of my reluctance to tackle this big job was I didn’t really know what to do with the bigger items that were still in good shape, or for that matter, what to do with all that just plain junk. Junk that was heavy to carry and wouldn’t fit into the trash cans. What a pleasure to simply point out what goes and what stays and watch it carried away knowing that all these items will either find a good home, will be recycled or disposed of properly.

I can’t tell you what a load off my mind it is to have all this clutter cleared out of my living space.

You were so pleasant and helpful even when I had you dig something out of the pile of things on the truck that I decided I wanted to keep! Changing my mind was no big deal and it was quite apparent that you were there to take care of your customer first and foremost.

I will be calling you for further work in the future and will certainly pass along your name to friends.

Thanks again!!


Bonnie J Richtman

Many thanks for a totally professional job in my basement clearing. You and your team were completely efficient in terms of speed and environmental commitment.

All items were bagged as recyclable, donate or otherwise. Your teams service, courtesy and image were beyond expectations, not to mention very competitive pricing. All items were inventoried and my family thanks you for pointing out items that should not have been discarded.

Again, I cannot say enough about Ease Services, in fact, feel free to use this correspondence as a general or specific reference. Of course, prospective customers can also call me. (847 337 7428)
Completely Satisfied Customer
Mark S Cooper

I am a landlord who relied on Ease Services with very short notice, and was very pleased with their ability help.

We sold our rental property. During the final walk-through, the buyer requested the removal of some paint, cleaning supplies, and a few pieces of furniture that had been left in the house from previous renters. We were up against a clock with lawyers and realtors; the items had to be moved same day to allow for a closing.

I called Ease Services; and although Chuck was already on a job, he provided his ideas over the phone how to handle the situation. I originally underestimated the amount of material that had to be removed (including a grill, lawn mower and flower planters), but Chuck was flexible and extremely helpful in disposing / donating these items.

Thanks to Ease Services for helping us close on the sale, and deal with a time-sensitive situation in a pinch!
John B., Libertyville, IL

"After my husband died I tried to clean out our family home on my own. I wanted to donate and recycle as many items as possible, but the task proved to be too overwhelming both physically and emotionally. I had heard from a friend about the wonderful job Chuck had done cleaning out her father’s home.

I was very impressed with the job he did. Chuck took the time to repurpose many of the items in the house and what couldn’t be donated was sorted to be recycled - very little was set out for the garbage collector. Chuck did what I wanted to but couldn’t. I was very grateful for his help and the excellent job he did. It made me feel good to know that the rest of our belongings were cleaned up in such a green and caring way. Thank you, Chuck
." Holly Blanchard

"In July 2010 we used Ease Services to help us with our move. Thanks to Ease Services, our move went smoothly and was easy! Ease Services was able to act fast in order to get us moved out of our home in a timely fashion. They are trustworthy, hardworking, dedicated people who really make the whole move process a great experience.
In addition to their excellent work, I admire them for all the charitable donations they make through unwanted items in the houses they help move. Ease services if very reasonably priced. I would recommend Ease Services to my family and friends and would also suggest never moving without their services!"
Marcie K., Highland Park, IL

"When it came time to clean out my father’s house I thought we could all pull together as a family and handle the task, but soon after we began we found it too overwhelming to continue. Just when we thought the job was complete Chuck asked if we had taken care of the attic and said he would check it just to be sure it was clean. Much to my surprise he found a precious family heirloom in the rafters. None of us knew it was there, but thanks to Chuck thoroughly checking the house this treasure was rediscovered and given back to my family. Chuck really did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help cleaning out a loved one’s home.Dawn H., Mundelein, IL"

"When we finally made the move to the suburbs from the city, we were amazed with the amount of garbage we had accumulated. Coupled with that, we also had a large pile of remodeling debris and related moving type garbage. I looked around to try and find the best company out there, focusing on not only removing the garbage but also recycling and or donating anything that could be parceled out. We finally settled on Ease Services. Ease Services came to our house, gave us a quote (that was very competitive with the other quotes received) and handled the job flawlessly. I’m certain that over 1/3 of the garbage was recycled and a good portion of materials were donated by Ease Services. Ease Services handled itself professionally and followed up with us to return receipts that they had obtained from the various places in which materials were donated. Knowing that there is a company such as Ease Services, focusing beyond removal to keeping in toe with the green movement, makes me feel good. I would definitely use Ease Services again and would recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Thank you Ease Services."Eric G., Deerfield, IL

"For several years I had been fighting the clutter from a rapid move and the attempted consolidation of three households - a packed garage, a packed basement, and even a packed rental storage unit. Chuck sorted it all in two days, eliminating the rental unit and allowing us access to the garage and basement. Chuck knew which charities accepted large furniture and which didn't. He sorted by charity in order of my preference. The entire process was GREEN with little waste. Chuck knew which items required hazardous material disposal. I watched while years of clutter were either organized or removed. Using Chuck and Ease Services was one of the best investments I've ever made!"
Earl N., Libertyville, IL

"After sorting out what we could at the family condo, we still had a lot leftover. We wanted to donate larger items in good condition, but couldn't get charities to come pick it up. We also had electronic items that needed to be disposed of properly but didn't know where to take them. Ease Services made all that happen and we even got the charitable donation receipts for tax purposes. Good Job!"
Daryl Duda, Chicago, IL

Friday, April 6th 2012
"Thanks again to you and Mark for your help and hard work. It feels so good to have the garage cleared out! We didn't know where to start and you made the process so easy. You accomplished in two days what would have taken us months! We would definitely recommend your services to anyone who may be in need of them."
Erin S., Libertyville, IL

My thanks for your work. All was done on time, efficiently, and carefully. All my best and hope all goes well for you.
." Beverly B.,Santa Barbra, CA


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