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In July 2010 we used Ease Services to help us with our move. Thanks to Ease Services, our move went smoothly and was easy! Ease Services was able to act fast in order to get us moved out of our home in a timely fashion. They are trustworthy, hardworking, dedicated people who really make the whole move process a great experience.

In addition to their excellent work, I admire them for all the charitable donations they make through unwanted items in the houses they help move. Ease services if very reasonably priced. I would recommend Ease Services to my family and friends and would also suggest never moving without their services!
Marcie K., Highland Park

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Junk Removal & Home Clean Out Tips

When packing your box's or trash bags please remember not to make them too heavy. Later in the day the same box/bag will sure seem a whole lot heavier.

Green Disposal is an effort to do what we can to do the right thing to help the environmet. By recycling, we are putting less into the land fill which has many benefits. Approxamently 60% of the rubish sent to the land fill could be recycled.

When we recycle we are taking one products usefull parts and making another product; this is done to conserve the consuption of resourcesenergy and space at a landfill.

For every ton of plastic recycled we are saving almost 2000 lbs of oil. This is the same oil used to make gasoline.

Paper Retriever Box Recycle Paper Drop Off LocationsIf you find that you have magazines, office paper or newspaper you'd like to recycle please visit  to find a drop box near you.

Ease Services also takes the office paper, magazines and newspapers that my be in the home to a local church or school that is doing a paper drive. The paper products are getting recycled along with benefiting a local organization.

House dust:
According to a compilation of three studies reported by the Environmental Working Group, "house dust is a reservoir for many environmental toxins." One less thing for you to worry about when we are there to help.

By donating the usable items, you are not only providing items to those in need; it also provides jobs for the people working at the charity. No matter how it's looked at, it's a win win situation.

We practice four "R's"
Recover (not only hidden treasures, but maybe even a "little peace of mind")

40% of the trees havested go to making paper products and paper productsmake up nearly 40% of the land fill space. It is estimated that using recycled material to make paper products saves 40-60% of the energy to create paper products from raw materials.

Glass is one of the few items that can be recycled indefinitely, yet only 22% of the glass produced today is recycled. Glass is produced from sand, lime and soda and uses about 40% more power to produce from raw materials then it does from recycled materials.

We at Ease Services do what we can to be part of the green movement. Not only helping our customers with their green disposal but we practice the same standards in our office as we do on your job. The garbage bags we use are made from 100% recycled plastic, are100% recyclable and will breakdown in 2 years. Considerably less time than traditional bags. The same applies for the tall kitchen bags used in the office and at my home. Please visit to find a retailer near you. The office paper we use is 50% post consumer recycled paper which can be purchased at any office supply store. For recycling to work 100%, products made from recycled materials should be considered when purchasing products.

For More Information Please call Chuck at 224.220.6455.

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